Scott Social Cloud

Why Scott Social

Scott Social was founded in 2013 as a side venture by Jarod Scott to share his love for web development, movies, and great stories. It has since developed into a national entity with teams from coast to coast. With its unique focus on high quality content it strives to create successful online relationships for businesses of all types.

Effective Data is Where it Starts

After spending many years consulting, he decided to focus more on great video and editorial. The need to connect data to create great stories about clients that people want to hear was missing from the online landscape. Some like to call this aspect SEO or Search Engine Optimization. We prefer the term data because it should be more focused on the numbers than the method or intent. We see data as a means to create and not a tool to manipulate.

Needless to say, data was readily available. The question was whether prospects understood that with data they could connect their story with their prospects needs and desires. This need for data created what is now Scott Social Data. Scott Social Data is the group tasked with collecting the required information to share with prospective clients. This data assist clients in determining what their target audience is looking for, how much they should spend compared to what the marketplace is paying, and where there might be highly economical opportunities that they can take use to create those long term online relationships.

Content is the Focus for Media and Entertainment

Of course, once clients had the data to make educated decisions then they had to craft a message that would be compelling. The core of what is Scott Social now centers on their content creation groups. These groups are what we know today as Scott Social Media and Scott Social Entertainment. Each group is responsible for a different segment of content creation.

Originally the company name, the Scott Social Media team now creates custom content about each individual client. What we call first person editorial, they craft the messages that tell the stories of each one of our crucial partners. From sharing about that customer success stories through the eyes of the customer to creating employee facing material for training and recruiting purposes. Our video is designed to streamline processes and allow our clients to deliver their messages to their targets more efficiently and professionally. This group creates “stories in the cloud” that are as big as the dreams of each client.

Scott Social Entertainment is our newest division. Third person editorial is what most consider to be publications that company clients advertise in. Independence allows this division to focus on attracting audiences regardless of the client. They can tell stories about clients, but they can also purely entertain with the intent to expose audiences to our clients and their products or services. This growth segment is what many tend to call influencer marketing and focuses on building independent brands online that our clients can further distribute their message through.

Digital Services Put Things in the Right Places

Ultimately none of this is possible without our digital services division, Scott Social Digital. Throughout the years this is what most clients thought our company performed as their primary role. The original name, Scott Social Media, made people think of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. Although this was and still is a crucial part of the puzzle, clients begin to understand that this is more of just distribution and efficiencies. The incremental value add is not as impactful as the content being distributed. Without great stories a website, social site, or marketing system is not going to engage audiences.

Needless to say, digital services does require a lot. All of our package clients today receive dedicated client sites, social sites, and digital systems to ensure maximum distribution and connectivity. Thankfully our firm’s team members are experts at effective distribution. Although primarily targeting digital, connecting the digital and physical worlds is becoming more and more important. Clients find us able to help connect the virtual space and the physical space. This allows our clients to be the masters of the future. As Halliday says in Ready Player One, “[Reality’s] the only place that you can get a decent meal. Because, reality is real.”

Creating Client Dreams in the Cloud

Today Scott Social operates in three of the five United States time zones. Arizona Standard Time here we come next. With teams in five of the largest major metropolitan statistical areas currently. We have plans to be in all three hundred and ninety two of them before the year twenty thirty. Our goal is to bring dreams to life in the cloud for every business in america and connect every prospective consumer of a product or service to those businesses with compelling messages. Simply put, we want to focus on building deep relationships one client at a time through incredible story telling.

Become a part of our journey and connect with us. Reach out to one of our team members today by scheduling a complementary consultation to see how we can help you bring your dreams to life in the cloud.