Social Media Isn't Easy

Easy As It Seems? Nothing is as easy as it seems.

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It’s amazing how time passes. In my classes we always had the saying, “Time is passing are you?” Teaching high school freshmen is an interesting experience that has molded me along with the collage of other crazy things that I have done. Reflecting on that with one of my team members the other day reminded me of our frequent saying on our team that is similar to Murphy’s Law; “Nothing is as easy as it seems.”

Knowledge Is Everywhere

In a world where knowledge is at your fingertips it changes a lot of things. Everyone now has access to an over abundance of resources that they can utilize in their pursuit of success. There are a few things that are still inhibitors though. Probably the biggest one that enforces the fact that “Nothing is as easy as it seems” is the infamous enemy of all. Certainly no matter how powerful you are. The amount of money you have won’t help. Working out and becoming the strongest man or woman doesn’t change this. Even more, having the most skill in anything won’t make a dent. There is nothing you can do in the face of father time.

The Enemy is Father Time

The anthropomorphized depiction of a concept that everyone experiences, father time is the greatest enemy of any and every endeavor no matter who you are. Our society has an obsession with this very concept. Even to the extent that our most popular media constantly focuses on it. The race against time in action movies. The drama surrounding aging and time’s impact on the body. Certainly the Marvel Cinematic Universe and its pinnacles in the series of movies even appears to be centering on good old father time. Even in both my personal life with my father’s brain challenges after surgery for his tumor and in my professional life as we strive to deliver more value we find the centrality of time.

Time Ensures Nothing Is As Easy

The very reason that nothing is as easy as it seems centers around time. What we deliver for clients is more time. Our clients look to us to develop things they could do themselves but would not be a wise use of their time. I’m not saying that what we do is not productive. I would advocate that what we do is the future and one of the most important tasks that are not the core skills of any firm.

In fact, as many begin to realize, as time goes on that gimmicks pass. Things like “leads” and “big data” become the past and other things will fill the void. What will be the success factor is the real thing that drives decisions, relationships. Regardless, no amount of analysis will ever compete with a deep relationship. Data may lead to that. It may be that data can help develop relationships. You may even find that the data will predict the likelihood of success for a new relationship. But people are what create relationships through quality communication otherwise known as content.

As we struggle with time and how it impacts how easy things are compared to how they seem it becomes clear. Relationships outlast all of it. The investment in time to develop those relationships is crucial to long term business success. Above all, the businesses that weather the ups and downs always have great relationships in common.

Relationships Minimize Time’s Impact

We believe that great relationships start and develop with quality communication. In the new digital age that quality communication is consistent delivery of amazing content. We strive daily to recruit, develop, and facilitate our team. We want to be the best at delivering high quality content that builds new relationships and helps existing relationships flourish. If there is anything that makes us unique it is that we strive to deliver on this promise at a value price point our clients can afford over the long term.

So as father time goes on doing his damage to your visions and ideas about moving into or growing in the digital space reconsider your approach. Team up with our experts at Scott Social to take care of it for you. Therefore, let us deliver consistently high quality content to develop long term relationships at a great value.

You won’t find anything with this level of quality at this value anywhere. Take advantage of our expertise and delivery today by trying us out online with no commitment required. Let us build relationships with and for you so you can see that value first hand. Let’s start a conversation today about your dreams. Share with us your visions that you want to accomplish that father time seems to blow away. Slow father time by allowing us to work for you and your team.

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