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Social Media Pricing

When discussing social media pricing, there are so many folks who see it through the prism of “a website” or social media site. The perception that once you have contracted someone to create a Facebook page or a Twitter feed then you are marketing through social media. The sad truth is that a presence on the web is not enough and is NOT social media marketing.

When evaluating any marketing effort, one must view it as a two way communication. It seems that traditional marketing efforts were directed toward the client by a service provider. I think of the comic of the mid-evil knight walking out of his tent with sword in hand explaining to his subordinate that he has no time for a salesman. While in the back behind the tent is a salesman trying to offer him a great price on a new Gatling gun. Sure the knight can go to war with his sword, but eventually his competitors will have a Gatling gun. When that happens his war will be over. Similarly there are a lot of customers that can benefit from your product or service. Are you connecting with them in the best way to fulfill their needs directly?

Alternatively, a communication from the client to the provider is increasingly becoming important. You would have seen it just a few years ago. The image of a potential client searching through the phone book. Those days are gone of course. In its place the new yellow pages called Google, to a lesser extent Bing and Yahoo, have become the outreach for consumers and businesses alike.

Social Media Meets Both

The truth is that social media marketing is both outbound and inbound marketing. Having a website or one social media site is not enough to create the results required. In fact having multiple sites is not even relevant enough to produce lasting results.

The user centered value add direction of search, and even paid search, is intended to meet searchers needs. This new paradigm changes the decisions and level of effort required to make a significant impact with social media. This is why our social media pricing centers on content and nothing else. Quality content performs both the outbound and inbound data functions. To truly connect with clients on a deeper level, content is necessary. Our social media package pricing includes a custom website and five custom social media sites for free. We believe your value over the long term is in new fresh relevant editorial and videographic content. So much so that we offer web development, contact management, traffic reporting, and search advice for free.

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